I feel so blessed that our paths crossed. That the powerful Eagle and the beautiful Butterfly found each other and guided us with the Spirits of Sacajawea and my late Indigenous grandmother Petronella Amelie (grandma Nelly) to share their messages of Love around the world.

Check the amazing GRAND REOPENING of Spirit Wind Collection, online store where you will find the official items from the Sacajawea, The Windcatcher production, items from books and toys, jewelry, and T-shirts galore! But also the Causes & Nonprofit Collection for some beautiful designs for “Growing Seeds Worldwide Foundation” and the flowers of the Netherlands and Suriname! Also, “Warrior Woman Spirit!”

With special thanks to Jane Lindemuth Fitzpatrick, Shawna Neece Fitzpatrick and Marcia K Moore.

Soso Lobi always,


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