A sustainable world in which Education creates positive changes for all, and a conscious community in which young people show Leadership by working towards a sustainable Environment through Unity and Respect to ensure Balance and Peace.


Working together with all sectors of the society to raise awareness, encouraging action and advocating for a better Environment, Unity and Peace, that uplifts the livelihood and balance of current and future generations.


➢ Awareness of the need to preserve Nature

➢ Awareness to preserve Cultures, especially the traditional Indigenous ones

➢ Enhance ability to function in a multicultural society

➢ Relationships based upon equality and respect

➢ Flexible and responsive to family and community needs

➢ Contribute to the community building process

➢ Support the growth and development of all community members

➢ To strengthen and stimulate Self-reliance

➢ To promote Self-esteem

➢ Small agricultural sector


Positive Change on a Global Scale: GSWF Educate to protect, not just our environment, but the people who live in it, the communities who depend on it, the businesses who profit from it and the ecosystems which rely on it.

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