“Our daughters are the most precious of our treasures, the dearest possessions of our homes and […]
Traditional Algerian Basket This is 83-year-old Algerian Khadija Abdoulali. Khadija belongs to the If Kel-Djanet tribe, […]
The World In Faces Exhibition Finally…the date is set!From October 30 till November 29, 2021For the […]
Sukuma Culture As GSWF we had the opportunity to experience the Sukuma culture in Tanzania. We […]
In memory of my late grandmother In honor of my late Grandmother and three generations of […]
Bury your Inner Weapons 4 Peace A while ago I received a question from my dear […]
“SOSO LOBI” NOTHING BUT LOVE Monique Wijngaarde – Bekema, Founder of Growing Seeds Worldwide Foundation — I’m also […]
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