Areas of Interest

• The preservation of Nature: to educate the masses on the importance of preserving Nature, the animals and the plants, and respect and preservation of Wildlife and having a good clean environment like garbage recycling to get Nature back in balance.

• The preservation of Cultures, especially the traditional Indigenous ones: they can teach and help us with their vision to get the awareness back of the importance to preserve Nature, to become one with Nature and ourselves again. In our modern society we humans have forgotten that we are not separate from Nature, but that we are a part of it, so by destroying Nature is destroying Humanity.

• Mutual Respect, Tolerance and Reconciliation: ensure Peace in the minds of men and women by building trust, engaging in dialogues, sharing and collaborating and seeking conflict solutions through exchange programs.

• Importance of Self-reliance: by being self-sufficient you reduce the chance of oppression, take own responsibility, education, working together, sharing ideas and examples of others for creating solutions of community and daily problems.

• Youth Leadership: Education and training to become better Leaders, to Respect and Unite with others, to take action in their own environment, to take control over their own lives no matter what others think or say about them. GSWF realize that the base for local community of how to feel Worth begins with the parents and grandparents, but too often they subconsciously admit the negative thoughts of their environment to their children and grandchildren. GSWF wants the youth to know that they are worthy being here on planet earth and have the right to be proud of who they are regardless of their origin or Culture. Emotionally,Mentally, Physically and Spiritually balanced people do not feel the need to destroy or hate each other.


• Nature Preservation

• Cultural Heritage Preservation

• Development and Education,

• Environment

• Unity, Respect and Peace.

• Self-reliance

• Leadership

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