Stichting Growing Seeds Worldwide Foundation
Nature, Culture, UnityRespect and EducationAll for Love and Peace

The concept contains five items that Monique Wijngaarde – Bekema brought together.

1) The preservation of Nature.
We can’t live and continue the way we treat nature now. This way we don’t only destroy, as what we humans see as Nature but we also destroying ourselves. In our modern society we Humans have forgotten that we are not separate from Nature, but that we are a part of it. That is why I brought them together in this concept.

2) The preservation of Cultures.
Especially the traditional Indigenous ones, because they still are acknowledge of their being a part of Nature. Most of them still live close to Nature and all basic principles. But if we don’t take care of them in our modern world we loose all of these, while we can learn a lot from them. They can help us with their vision in order to get the awareness back in how to become one with Nature and ourselves again. In our ways of thinking, actions and way of living. But the preservation of cultures is also important for the recognition of someone’s own identity and as a part of balance and inner- Peace.

3) Bringing Cultures and different backgrounds together. (Unity and Respect)
By bringing people together from different backgrounds, different Cultures we hope to create more understanding and respect for each other. We don’t need to agree with each other, but we can try to see things from someone elses vision and perspective and even respect them. We can also learn from each other, even give each other advise. Through sharing these cultures (customs, music, dance, clothing and costumes, food,etc), the environment (Community lifestyles with nature, use of plants and herbs, etc),but also by sharing their own found solutions we hope we can bring people around the world closer together, to Unite, to create Respect and make changes all for more Balance, Love and Peace.

4) Stimulating Self-reliance (Education)
Don’t wait for others to help you if you already know they will not even if it is their responsibility to do, but try to work together, especially in the own community to get to the point of the creation of solutions for the daily problems, be self-reliant, self-sufficient, how can you achieve this with examples of others. Take care of yourself. By being self-reliant and not depending on others, the chance of oppression decreases.

5) Youth Leadership program (Education)
By not only share the above visions with communities but also by teaching them to the youth in the form of a leadership program we hope we can create better leaders for the future. But also first of all to learn them that no matter who they are, what background, what Culture they have, skin color they are all worthy to be allowed to be here, to speak,to listen to, to be a leader. Let them feel proud of who they are. How can they become a leader, by taking action, take control over their own lives no matter what others think or say about them. People who are Emotionally, Mentally, Physically and Spiritually balanced do not feel the need to destroy, to hate.

“To my opinion these five above elements are not separate from each other but they are indisputably linked to create Unity, Harmony, Balance and Peace in to this world.”


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