Sukuma Culture

As GSWF we had the opportunity to experience the Sukuma culture in Tanzania. We believe that through different cultures in Africa we can help the Youths community to understand and respect Nature, Animals, and environments in their daily life. 

The Sukuma live in North Western Tanzania or Southern show of Lake Victoria. The towns where the Sukuma live include; Mwanza Region, Simiyu Region, Shinyanga Region and part of Mara Region.

Sukuma people have or perform various dances ranging from festivals and ceremomonies. Sukuma dancing is a virtal part of Sukama life. The Sukuma are famous thoughout Tanzania for their innovative dancing styles. Dancers contininue to perform and compete in annual competitions, just as their ancestors did over a hundred year ago. This act of dancing has always been intergral to Sukuma life and many of the dances still being performed today as a way of adding little interest to the workday, migrant farmworkers would compose and sing songs to help pass time, using their hoes as dance-props. Sukuma dancing is not limited to farm work only. Sukuma culture is a culture you would love to share with you and is actively preserving their culture for future generation.

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-James Simeo



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