Bury your Inner Weapons 4 Peace

A while ago I received a question from my dear friend Stewart Marriott, who is also the founder of the “Bury your Inner Weapons 4 Peace” Movement.

The question where I stand when it comes to Peace … not only in the world but also regarding my Inner Peace when we look at the world around us at this moment and what is all going on right now.

What does it means to increase if it comes to Peace and especially if it comes to Inner Peace and “What do I stand for?”

For me…

I come from a very colorful family with many backgrounds, cultures and religions. I therefore represent all the so-called four colors of the world, White, Black, Indigenous (Lokono – Arawak) and Asian. All four passed to me through the blood of my late-grandparents and of course our ancesters

Being a part of different cultures is a beautiful thing .. It has taught me to see things from different perspectives. But it also has its difficult sides, because what is normal in one culture may not be the same in another.

Just like many others, I have faced many obstacles during my life. Situations I had been in the past that I don’t wish anyone else to experience. Hard life lessons, especially when it comes to how people can be and how they can treat someone else and still be able to watch themselves in a mirror with proud. And believe me when I say that this wasn’t only by Whites but by all four of them that I consider myself to be a part of. Even by people who stood very close to me and these are the hardest moments to deal with. It took me totally out of balance.

I was already working on myself when I decided to set up my Growing Seeds Worldwide Foundation (GSWF) in homage to my late Indigenous grandmother and a promise I made to her when I was 16 years old and based on the life lessons she taught me, and my own life experiences including those days when I worked in and for projects in the Slums of Brazil.

We are now facing difficult times. But if you look at everything this has always been the case throughout history.Times of great unrest that first escalate and then turns in to temporary reflection and some rest.

The whole Covid-19 pandemic that is a horrible one for the whole world. It has separated us from our families and close friends and has a huge impact and influence on our daily activities in our life. And than the whole “Black lives Matter” situation that hopefully will bring us together for better days and more humanity.

For me there is also a positive side in this all.

I have the privilege of living in an area in the Netherlands where I can still go outside freely. We are surrounded by farmlands, two woods, a huge lake, a smaller lake, the sea and a nature reserve.

Everyone close to me knows that I am a huge Nature lover. Throughout the Covid-19 I am even more outside than before. Besides that I was and that I am still able to work and that I have conversations with people online that I can choose to speak to myself, I am not influenced by the negativity of others around me.

By spending many hours outside in nature and the long walks, I have become more aware of life. I enjoy all the beautiful things that Mother Nature – (Mother Earth) shows me and the little things around me even more than ever.

It has even brought me closer to myself. It made me think consciously. Has given me a different insight into the things that are happening in the world and people in general.
I even have finally been able to give a place to the things I thought I had processed. In fact, it also has given me the insight that all four of my origins are important. That they all had to come together because not only one, but all Lives Matter. More than ever my four origins have become a four-unite. Also one of the important Messages of my Foundation and for me the realization that I also had to bring them together to share this Message to the world.
I had to bring them together on the inside to find Peace not only in the outside world, but more important also Inner Peace inside of myself.

Why do I have to choose who I am. I don’t only represent all four of my origins, I AM ALL FOUR OF THEM and I am a human being. As long as we put each other in boxes, saying you belong to that race and I’m this race we can’t come closer to each other. There is only one race and that is the “Human” one.

Let’s judge each other by who we are on the inside and someones humanity instead of who we are on the outside based on our skin color, background, culture, religion, status, sexe, sexuality, etc.

Everyones life is important for everyones Inner Peace not only for Peace in the world. Hate only based on the fact of someones background, skin color or whatever..only cost you a lot of energy. Positive energy that can be used for so many good things.

My late – grandmother has been one of the most important women in my life. One of her life lessons was that there is no point in forcing people to accept you for who you are, but looking up those who are willing to embrace you “As you are.”

To many people have hardened hearts that you can’t go through.Try to reach out to those who still feel with their heart. Those that you can affect!

During my time in Brazil one of my mentors taught me… “Moya” if you think you can change the whole world you will be dissapointed, but if you can touch the heart of one person and bound hands for the same goal you already succeeded, because that one will reach out to someone else and that one to another one and slowly the circle will grow.

Soso Lobi – Nothing but Love.




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